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Do you want enhance your technical skills?
Skill Development
Do you want to start your own business and want to become self employed?
Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Gujarat Chamber of Commerce women wing Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Skill Development
Technical Exhibition at Skill Upgradation Centre - Junagadh
Skill Development
GIDC Skill Upgradation Centre(SUC) - Mithirohar
Europe India Foundation for Excellence
Europe India Foundation for Excellence (EIFE) foreign delegation meet with director CED
Food and Agro Sector Programme
How to start new venture in Food and Agro sector programme at CED Campus, Ahmedabad
Shri Vijay Rupani

Shri Vijay Rupani

Hon. Chief Minister, Gujarat

What's New

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)-A Government of Gujarat Organisation is the 1st of this kind in the country, established in 1979, engaged in promoting Skill and Entrepreneurship across the state of Gujarat.

CED has constantly been on an innovating spree, consistently coming out with imaginative programs aimed at specified target groups.

Why Become Entrepreneur ?

Starting and operating a new business involve considerable risk and effort to overcome the inertia against creating something new. In creaating and growing a new venture, the entrepreneur assumes the responsibility and risk for its development and survival and enjoys the corresponding rewards.

The role of the entrepreneur has evolved over time as the world's economic structure has and become more complex.

Risk taking attitude, innovative approach and creation of wealth are main criteria of any individual entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Development Process at CED, Gujarat




the physiological barriers


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The Beneficiaries During Year 2015-16

  • 200+

    Startups Supported

  • 5364+

    Entrepreneures Nurtured

  • 2638+



    Jobs Generated

આગામી કાર્યક્રમ શોધવા

By District
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Success Spotlight


  • Aditi Healthcare

    I Sonal Chadarava, Piyush Chadarava & Mital Chadarava started a business under the name of ADITI Healthcare after taking training at CED Rajkot for EDP-I in the year 2015. We would like to be an entrepreneur and have a dream start business last many years, after spending 8 months in market research for finding product and how to design product, we finally able to start our business in 2016.

    Aditi Healthcare
  • Geetanjali Seva Trust

    We are running Shivan Classes since 10 years and we have trained more than 10000 trainees till now. After completing training from here our trainees are running their own steching work and fulfilling their family's requirements.

    Geetanjali Seva Trust
  • Bhagirath Solar System

    Maximize use of solar energy and Solar products should reach at every Home at nominal price. To maximize the usage of Renewable energy sources. To provide employment to maximum people.

    Bhagirath Solar System
  • Sapphire Health Care

    શ્રી સાર્થકભાઇ ભારતેન્‍દુભાઇ દવે ભાવનગરના રહેવાસી છે. બચપણથી જ તેઓ ઉધોગપતિ થવાનું સ્‍વપ્‍ન સેવતા હતા. તેઓએ ગુજરાત ટેકનોલોજીકલ યુનિવર્સિટીમાંથી એમ.ફાર્મ (ફાર્માસ્‍યુટીકલ કેમેસ્‍ટ્રી)ની ડિગ્રી પ્રાપ્‍ત કરી. ત્‍યારબાદ એક વર્ષ સુધી ફાર્માસ્‍યુટીકલ એકમમાં નોકરીનો પ્રેકટીકલ અનુભવ મેળવ્‍યો. ત્‍યારબાદ તેમણે સેફાયર ફાર્માસ્‍યુટીકલ્‍સના નામથી ફાર્માસ્‍યુટીકલ આઇટમોના વેચાણનો પ્રારંભ કર્યો.

    Sapphire Health Care